I am a film director. it is my passion. every best moment I see I'll visualize it to become a story. so clear and vivid on my mind. Being alone in the open field is my inspiration. then I'll make a pieces of clip through my mind by lucid dreaming. yes I have fully control of my dream. so I am a director of it. Now I am 17 years old boy doing my high school schooling. I often practice hypnotherapy in school if someone asked me to help solving their mental problem. My first film is "kembali" starring myself and friends and working on the second project " My best-ghost-friend" . both of them are for school assignment. Little do I know about

film so I will continue my education in film by

choosing university in america. hoping there is people help me financially in reaching my dream as a hollywood film director. You can reach me anywhere. for more biography refer to Please feel free to get to know me. it would be great if I could meet people all over the world. :)