Henry Jaynes Fonda (1905-82), U.S. Actor and father of actors Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda.

Henry Fonda was born 16 May 1905 at Grand Island, Nebraska, the eldest child of salesman William Brace Fonda (b. 1879) and his wife Herberta Jaynes (b. 1879). The house where Henry Fonda was born is now part of the Stuhr Museum in Nebraska.

William and Herberta had two more children: Harriet and Jayne. The family moved to Omaha, where William was at first a salesman, but then opened his own printing shop for some years.

Henry after his high school graduation thought he would go into journalism and so went off to the University of Minnesota. After two years, he became interested in the theater acting in small local productions in Omaha. Curiously, a fellow actor was Dorothy Brando, the mother of future-actor Marlon Brando.