James Thangarajan
James Thangarajan
Name James Devadarshan Thangarajan
Born 28 April 1983, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Died 18 February 2008, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Burial place West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Nationality Sri Lankan
Parents Samuel Thangarajan, Annette Thangarajan
Brother William Thangarajan
Occupations Information Technology at Purdue, Resident Assistant for Shreve Hall at Purdue
Alma mater Purdue University
Religious beliefs Methodist Christian

James Devadarshan Thangarajan (28 April 1983 - 18 February 2008) was a Sri Lankan Information Technology student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A. As a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, he held over a dozen positions, including multiple Vice Presidencies. James had over 30 hours of community service each semester, and he was an active member of Boiler Gold Rush (BGR), the freshman orientation program at Purdue. He served as a Team Leader for one year, a Team Supervisor for one year, and was 1/3 of the Recruitment and Selection team for the Student Orientation Committee in 2006. James also worked for ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue) for the majority of his time at Purdue, and he was serving as a Resident Assistant for Shreve Hall.[1]

James was the human form of the ideal person and an inspiration to all Purdue students.To be expanded...



Young James

James (in center) at the beach with family


James completed his GCE 'O' Level from Grammar School, Dubai, in May 2000. He then went on to complete his GCE 'A' Level from St Mary's Catholic High School, which is rated among the best educational institutions in Dubai.

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Life at Purdue UniversityEdit


James Study

James studying at Purdue

Volunteer ActivitiesEdit

James deeply felt that service to others was an important and integral part of his life. This is reflected in both the volunteer organizations he was involved in, and in the way he treated his fellow man, feeling that all humans were his brother.

Alpha Phi OmegaEdit

James APO Office

James at the Alpha Phi Omega Office at Purdue

Alpha Phi Omega is a service fraternity committed to upholding the values of leadership, friendship, and service. James was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Gamma chapter at Purdue University for many years. James held either an official or unofficial leadership role in the organization at all times. One example is his office of Male Pledge Class Trainer in Spring of 2003, Hicks Pledge Class. James was well-known and well-liked for his tremendous capacity for brotherhood and compassion. It was commonly known that if a brother ever needed someone to talk to or a favor of any kind, James would provide without hesitation or question. It was often said that if there was someone in the room that appeared to be lonely or feeling down, that is where James would be found.

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James Organ

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James had a deep and far-reaching love of music that would often manifest itself in an impromptu song, sung acapella. James had a large mental library of music that he could access quickly to address the situation at hand - to evoke a laugh, break the ice, or cheer up a friend. His friends would often be gifted with a voice mail of James belting out 'You Are My Sunshine' or 'Hey Ya'. His love of music did not discriminate against any specific genre, as he was equally fond of both Frank Sinatra and Fergie.